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Knights in St. Wally's Service: News

BOBOBN 16 Available Now - April 20, 2014

Love is for fools, it’s true. But if you reject love, you might as well reject life. One must take chances and be brave. If you can’t beat evil, at least you always have the opportunity to give up to it. What's a Barry to do in Bigfoot Country to do?


BOBOBN 15 Available Now - September 27, 2013

Listen to the hippies in your head. Fight against oppression and boner killing conversations. Crawl through the spanking machine. Take the bent path. Indulge your inner nerd. Don’t slip!


BOBOBN 14 Available Now - May 1, 2013

It’s hard to tell where the fairy tale ended and the nightmare began. I was spending quality time with a lonely Bigfoot when we were approached by a friendly robot bearing weed. We sang songs, the black elf danced… then evil descended upon us. Like a politician caught soliciting sex in a public bathroom we were screwed. Like day-old Nazi whores we were screwed. But Saint Wally saved us. Now I work for Saint Wally.


BOBOBN 13 Available Now - January 13, 2013

Explore the gambit of life experiences with us. Come with us while we take on life, death, marriage, bad odors and offer a bit of advice to Jesus. We explore the duality of blame and responsibility which sometimes leaves us hiding under the stairs. We wonder at the sight of Robocop’s lips. Come share the experience with us.


BOBOBN 12 Available Now! - October 17, 2012

Everybody has a bad day every now and then. Like when I ran over your dog in my car, or when I ran out of pot, or when I was attacked by killer robots. I strive to appreciate those days just as much as the good days spent singing, fucking and writing haikus.


BOBOBN 11 Available Now! - July 30, 2012

If you are looking for inspirational, feel-good music look elswhere. Knights in Saint Wally's Service know about sadness and death. We've fondled and loved them. Thrown up on the beach as a corpse or locked in a hot car as a poodle, we explore it all. Unfortunately, any spark of hope is from a lighter at the end of a pipe. However, if zombies and depressing songs are your thing, listen to this.


Available now at CD Baby!

BOBOBN 10 Available Now! - May 6, 2012

Have you ever wondered what lies between Christ and Cthulhu? We may have found the answer. Life! Love! Sex! Drugs! Murder! Corpse defilement! On BOBOBN 10 we explore the extremes and everything in between. There is no safe haven. There is no comfort. But there’s lots of fun!


Available now at CD Baby!

BOBOBN 9 Available Now! - February 13, 2012

Just in time for Valentine's Day: Knights in Saint Wally's Service Presents: BOBOBN Volume 9!

With all of the hatred in the world it's nice to know that Knights in Saint Wally's Service can bring you songs of love. Real love, too, not some artificially sweetened love. Love that makes your udders quiver. Of course nothing's perfect. Around every corner there are carnies and robots and zombies and all sorts of evil things looking to harm you. You'd be a sucker if love was your only defense. I'm armed to the teeth.


Available now at CD Baby!

BOBOBN 8 Available Now! - November 25, 2011

If this album was an animal it would be a dog. A small dog that was once a beloved pet now rabid and disease-ridden. Perhaps an incompetent evil scientist has replaced parts of it with robotic components that work only sporadically and often cause injury to children. Oh what a sexy animal! Too bad it can't decide whether to nuzzle your cheek or tear your face off.


Available now at CD Baby!

BOBOBN 7 Available Now - September 28, 2011

Violence! Perversion! Poodles in peril! Our bands will say the things you are too cowardly or tasteful to speak aloud. But there is also a sensitive side with songs about friendship and love. Oh yeah, Zombot fuckin’ rules, man!


Available now at CD Baby!

BOBOBN 6 Available Now! - June 23, 2011

Lonliness, disappointment, love – it’s all familiar territory. Stoned, drunk and angry I trespass on the fresh graves of America. It’s Christmas in July but someone’s pissed in the stockings. Hope remains.


Available now at CD Baby!

BOBOBN 5 Available Now! - April 6, 2011

Knights In Saint Wally's Service Presents: BOBOBN Volume 5! Available Now! Featuring 32 Super-Hits from such artists as the Pokinholes, Saint Satan, Skull Garden Pus Baby, Robot Cher Trash Cuntpactor, and many others.


Available Now at CD Baby!

New Release - BOBOBN 4 Now Available - December 24, 2010

32 songs of love, loss, and zombie herpes. Not to mention food & beverages, bodily fluids and drugs. The world needs a new savior. That savior is Saint Wally the mushroom fucking gnome.


Available now at CD Baby.

New Release - October 26, 2010

Coming Soon - Knights In Saint Wally's Service Presents BOBOBN Volume 3


New Release - July 21, 2010

Coming Soon... Knights in Saint Wally's Service Presents: BOBOBN Volume 2.


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